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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fitness Motivation Tips - 5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising When You Don't Want To!

Fitness Motivation Tips - 5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself

Tired ? Unmotivated? Do not feel like exercise at the moment? BUT ... you keep looking in the mirror and do not like what you see ? Well, if you are looking for tips fitness motivation to get your ass and start
sweating , then this article is for you! However, now I 'm going to scream , curse, and bother to get motivated . I will share with you 5 ways very intelligent ( and simple ) , you can actually "trick" yourself into exercise ... even if you do not want to do something as simple as walking to your kitchen (lol) !

A . Go to and type one of the following search bar : For men, the kind of motivation before training. For women , type in motivating fitness female form. Choose at least two videos that are as relevant as possible to the search terms I mentioned a second ago . Watch the videos and see how the motivation to get up and get to work on improving your body!

Two . Like to see T.V. ? I think I 'm about to call a couch potato and a bum who does nothing ? Do not worry , I will not insult you ! What I'm talking about taking their leisure and make it a productive time to improve your body !

During each commercial break with a television or every 10 minutes during a movie , get up and do bodyweight exercises 2 to 5 repetitions of each ! For example, you could do something like 5 jumps , and 5 pumps.  Fitness Motivation To make it more fun and interesting , to ever change (ie - . Burpees , mountain climbers, lunges, squats , running in place , etc. )

To put this into perspective , watching TV shows three an hour throughout the day. During each presentation , there are say 5 commercial breaks . It would be a total of 15 commercial breaks 3 shows. Now let's say you decide to jump 5 and 5 pumps. After seeing 3 shows, for the end of the day would end with 75 jumps and 75 push- ups!

Three . For starters, if you do not like going to the gym , you DO NOT ! You can get an amazing body of work at home . You can use little equipment or no equipment at all to do bodyweight exercises Fitness Motivation. Now, what I recommend doing if you exercise at home is to work as easy as possible to  begin with . Of all motivational tips fitness , which is probably the most important. The reason is because most of us usually do not have the motivation to start . Most of us are good enough to continue and complete a workout .

Now , to make things as simple as possible , what I do is talk to make sure you have enough space for you to start exercising , make sure that you use when configuring your session training and ready to use , etc. .

April. Listen to your favorite blood pumping music ! There are certain songs that generate an adrenaline rush that gives me a lot of energy ... and what better way to use this energy to exercise! Recommend that you create a playlist of all your favorite songs that you get pumped recommend. Play the music when you do not feel like exercising and see what happens! Of course,Fitness Motivation you also want to play this music while exercising and keep energetic and motivated during your workout .

May. Change phrases. Instead of saying "I have practice today," I change everything and say, " I will lead today. " Saying" I came to practice today " exercise sound like a burden , saying : " I 'm going to train today " makes it sound like it's a part of your daily routine!

So if you want easy tips as Fitness motivation of this mentality and make excuses to skip workouts, then I highly recommend trying these simple technical 5. They worked very well for me and now I 'm at the point where I get angry if there is even a chance that I could end up missing a workout !

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