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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hardgainer Workout For Hardgainers

hardgainer workout

First, let me define what a person is in trouble. Hardgainer are skinny , their appetites are usually small , they have a very fast metabolism and because of these three factors can not pack on muscle easily . This is why they are " hardgainers " call because they are the challenges they face. So how should you exercise if
you are an ectomorph ? Use the tips hardgainer workout I am about to put to you .

Before you even begin to start , I want to emphasize the traditional hardgainer advice and let you know why you should not follow these hardgainer exercises.

Hardgainer Rule 1 - Focus on compound movements

1 compound exercise is one that uses more than one muscle group. Isolation exercises are exercises that usually stimulate only one muscle group such as the peck deck machine . Traditional hardgainer workout advice is to focus on the major compound movements 3 . These are the bench press, deadlift and squat. The idea is that by doing compound movements you recruit as many muscle fibers to break down and become stronger. The reason I am against this advice is to just focus on the big 3 will mass in the wrong places. When you press on the bench, watching a fallen his chest chest behind in development . With the deadlift, you 're packing mass in the lower back , hips and buttocks. This will make the biggest ass and size , and it is not a good place to put on muscle . The squat also much more your buttocks , thighs and hold on to that is not a good look . These three movements are great for packing the weight scale , but will add muscle in the wrong places . Use in moderation can do wonders , but do not think you should focus on compound movements , use isolation exercises too .

Hardgainer Rule 2 - Heavy Lift

This seems to make sense , you get the more you need to get stronger and is partially true. However, most of the work is that you restrict . To build muscle , you must tired. Altitude in the range 6-15 reps with moderately heavy weights you will lift this rep range and really fatigue the muscle. Heavy lifting will not allow you to raise many repetitions and does not cause fatigue. Keep rest between sets down 30-60 seconds since the idea is that your muscles do not reach a full recovery so that you can more tired . When the desired size you want to use this method , it is now time to start up. You see, in the 6-15 rep range is good for building big muscles , but that's just the sarcoplasmic growth, hardgainer workout which essentially means an increase of fluid in the muscles. It is not very auspicious , so when you get the desired size , focus on strength training to tone muscles and work on myofibrillar muscle growth. Combined with a reduced calorie and cardiovascular exercise regime , you can actually start with this strategy hardgainer workout.

Hardgainer Rule 3 - Working one muscle group per week

The idea is that the formation of suggested 45-60 minutes or tired muscles poor so bad that you need a set of 7 days to recover. Again, it makes no sense. Rest is essential for muscle growth , because muscle grows out of the gym , but seven days is excessive. Resting muscle group is sufficient for 3-4 days before training again . The next time you train your muscles , you should keep in mind the overload principle is that you must work harder than before to keep the profits coming as the muscles adapt and need a new impetus . This new stimulus could lift a little heavier , reduce time to rest or to increase the amount of repetitions or sets .

Hardgainer Rule 4 - Eat as much as possible

This is the largest order to avoid a hardgainer . Following this advice will make you gain weight. But being the keyword weight . What you really want is muscle growth and not a lot of fat with it. You see they are more bodybuilding tips and approach , which aims to get as big as possible before making a turn in line to keep all the strength gained by dropping excess fat cutting . My advice is that your workouts well and eat a little above maintenance to build lean muscle and minimize fat gain .

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  1. Great tips for hardgainers ! Thanks !

    Here are some more tips for hardgainers

    Getting enough protein is crucial to build muscle.



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